Gipsa-doc organizes each year several events including two major inter-pole (the whole gipsa lab!) events: the Christmas Party and the Summer BBQ !

Big events

These events are organized at the “Maison de l'‘INP " (MINP) close to the lab, and gather each year more than 200 people from the lab !

Other events

We organize various events aiming at entertainment (games, sports, outings, etc.) and cultural exchanges.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of our typical activities:

  • PhD students Welcome Day
  • Welcome Bowling Event
  • Hiking around Grenoble
  • Sport-orientated events : ski, squash, ice-skating, football, bubble football, wakeboard, etc.
  • Board / card games events
  • Escape games
  • Cooking events and contests
  • Online Game Night : among us,, AI Dungeon, etc.
  • Pub Quiz Night : Kahoot, blind tests, etc.

This list is neither exhaustive nor static !

Do not hesitate to contact us, or meet us in our offices in order to share your ideas!

Stay Tuned

To be aware of everything, join the Gipsa-doc discord server!